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Wealth & Asset Management


Benefit from the stability of the Swiss banking system and its expertise in the field of asset and wealth management

In co-operation with top wealth management institutions in Switzerland, we introduce private individuals to their wealth and asset management services.


Our wealth management partners focus on each client individually, considering their financial objectives, future aspirations and their desired legacy.  They approach each relationship thoughtfully and for the long-term – offering strategic guidance to the ongoing wealth management process, while capturing the tactical opportunities that arise. They provide private clients with trusted advice and a comprehensive range of tailored open – architecture wealth management solutions.


Our partners’ process is truly holistic. With an emphasis on capital preservation and a keen understanding of the complexity and dynamics of wealth management, they leverage the research, portfolio management and trading expertise of their Asset Managers – ensuring the best solutions are put forward for each client. 

Our partners’ services go well beyond traditional wealth management to include: wealth structuring, asset protection, philanthropy and services related to the founding of family offices.

Our partners invest their own money alongside that of their clients, into the same assets we recommend to everyone that entrusts them with the management of their wealth, that is why we at Geneval trust them with our own savings and thus recommend them to our clients, friends and families.



The European Centre

of Wealth and Asset Management

Why Switzerland?

Switzerland has proved its worth as a financial center due to its expertise in the management of substantial assets. Foreign capital has been flowing into Switzerland for several decades, attracted by the skills that can be found in the financial, legal and tax sectors; as well as by the high level of stability that the country (stable politics, liberal economy, access to foreign expertise) and its banking system have to offer.

Against the backdrop of political and economic instability in many regions around the world, Switzerland has proven itself over several decades as a safe haven for investments.


Swiss Tradition

The financial centre that is Switzerland has many years of experience in managing assets. The Swiss banking system began developing as early as the 15th century and its oldest roots can be found in the Geneva area. Swiss asset managers are particularly value-orientated and are interested in sustainable wealth generation. 

Factors contributing to the success of the Swiss Wealth Management ecosystem include “structured investment advisory processes” and the country’s “tradition and experience in investment management”.

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